Monday, November 26, 2012

Come on! Do I Have To? Exercise That Is?

Health, Recreation, & Fitness
Okay! I am not going preach at you or any such thing. I am not going tell you what to do. I will simply tell you what I do to stay fit and healthy and why I do it, with the hope that you might gain some inspiration and begin to do that which you know you should be doing.  Now please understand that everyone is different, and I am not in the least advocating that you should do exactly as I do.  However, please get into the habit of daily exercise, healthy eating, resting sufficiently, and recreating.  And the key is maintaining consistency.  For the most part I do well at all this stuff, but I do become inconsistent at times.  When that happens to you, don't feel guilty; simply regroup and get back on track.  So, the following is what I do to try to stay healthy.  Please note that I occasionally slack off, but I try to get back on track as quickly as possible.  And by the way, I hate having to exercise; I do, however, love the feeling I get afterwards and the compliments about how good I look for my age and all that stuff.  Certainly gives me an incentive to do it again tomorrow :-)  Anyway, let me quit yapping and get on with sharing some things with you....

Exercise (my routine)
  1. Three sets of 75 pushups and three sets of 35 dips daily for upper body strength
  2. Four types of ab exercises (3 sets of 30-50 of each type) daily for core strength
  3. Six or more miles every other day for endurance and speed
  4. Constantly on the move at work, navigating 6 floors; rarely use the elevator (cardio).
For your strength and core workout, start with a number that is comfortable for you.  It could be three sets of 5, three sets of 8, three sets of 10.  You get the picture - whatever is comfortable for you.  I have been doing this for ages, so I can do a lot more than you can.  If you stay consistent, then you will start to raise the numbers.

Food (The following is what works for me) 

  1. Juiced combination of carrots, celery, green apples, pine apple, pomegranate, beets every other day.
  2. Smoothie combination of bananas, strawberries, pears, papaya, yogurt every other day
  3. Large breakfast, light lunch, dinner (I try to avoid eating after 8:30 P.M.)
  4. Visit to a restaurant every now and again
  5. Ice-cream and pastries occasionally (maybe once per week)
I do get sufficient rest; I can't complain about that, but I don't get enough sleep.  I need to work on going to bed at 10 P.M. the latest (easier said than done, but I promise to work at it).

Recreation (Very important.  Here is my list of stuff.  It's not an exhaustive list.)

Backpacking, movies, restaurant, Netflix, dates, shows, walks in parks, etc. anything that gets you away from the daily grind.  For me, having fun is the key objective in participating in these activities.

Remember:  Be Consistent!!!

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]


  1. The food is easy!. The recreation is supper easy! The exercise... I will pass on that!

  2. The key is consistency...on again off again - thats me.