Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Outpaced, Outrun, and Out-thought

Science & Technology
It seemed that "back in the day" technology was developed in accordance with our needs.  As such we kept pace with it or ensured our own development ahead of it.  We were the thinkers then; now it appears that technology is doing the thinking for us.  Instead of being way out in front of technology, in terms of our own personal development, technology has surged way out in front of us and continues to increase the distance between us.  In effect, it has asserted its dominance over us.  In fact, it has so dominated us that we have become inseparable from it, with the result that we seem to have lost our essence.  We might as well get rid of the term "humans" and call ourselves "hutechs" instead.  This is a race we cannot afford to lose, as we risk losing ourselves.  It is time to put technology in its proper place where it belongs - behind us. We must get out in front.

[Drawing by Ric Couchman]

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