Thursday, November 29, 2012

Temporary Escape From Reality

Society & Culture
I am the manager of a football club in the English Football League. I am in my third year as manager, having taken my club, Plymouth Argyle, to two championships, winning both. I am also the Dean of Student/Faculty at a New York City high school. One of those two jobs is real; the other is fantasy.  I would like to think that fantasy is an important part of our existence.  A society that allows for some measure of fantasy is imaginative and creative. A society without it is sterile and robotic and a society with too much of it is of no practical use.

The video game, Fifa12, allows me a needed 45 minutes daily escape from an existence in which I do not always win and in which I cannot rewind if I screw up.  In effect, I get to escape temporarily from an existence in which I appear to have very limited or no control.  There is always the danger of staying in that fantasy world beyond that which is reasonable - a pitfall to which many young people and also adults are subject, with the result that needed sleep is lost and also productivity, among other things.

So, by all means get away occasionally into your fantasy world, whether via video games, movies, plays, fiction, sports, etc., but be disciplined; don't stay in that world. Reality needs us, and we can always go back to living vicariously through those bits and bytes characters, through our sports and movie stars, and through our novels and plays' heroines and heroes.

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