Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We'll Support You If You Don't Sue For War Crimes

Current Affairs
It's great that the Hamas militants and the Israeli government have agreed to bring an end to hostilities, thus preventing the loss of more lives.  Just around the corner is an important vote in the UN - granting the Palestinians statehood.  The United States and Israel will certainly be in opposition to this vote since they believe that the Palestinian Authority is acting unilaterally.  It seems that most of the world's countries are in agreement with the Palestinians receiving statehood.  Britain on the other hand is willing to vote yes to statehood under the following conditions:

1.  that the Palestinians not seek membership in the International Court
2.  that they pledge not to pursue Israel for war crimes
3.  that they resume peace talks

I certainly agree that the Palestinian Authority should resume peace talks.  It is always important and helpful to pursue dialogue in the direction of peace.  However, that the Palestinians not pursue Israel for what they believe to be war crimes committed against them as a condition for Britain's support is incredulous.  If it is the case that war crimes were committed against the Palestinians then those responsible should be held accountable just as Palestinian militants responsible for targeting Israeli civilians should be held responsible for their actions.    

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