Monday, December 3, 2012

An EveryDay Brasilian Experience

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Okay, so we might not be lucky to have a beautiful Brasilian beauty such as we see in those Rio de Janeiro beach scenes or such as we see flashing across our TV screen, providing Carnival highlights.  And we might have to settle for watching beautiful Brasilian soccer only once every four years.  But we can certainly have a Brasilian experience that will benefit us as far as our health is concerned, and what is more, this is something we can have every day.  Brasil nuts.  

Brasil nuts are fruits (yes, you heard me, fruits) that grow on Brasil nut trees in the Amazon Rain forest. Here are some of the benefits of adding Brasil nuts to your diet a few  times a week in small amounts:

1. keeping cholesterol levels low
2. reducing the risk of certain types of cancer
3. boosting the immune system naturally
4. producing enzymes to help support the thyroid
5. a good energy source
6. keeping bones healthy and strong

Now, as you know, in life too much of any thing is not good for you.  As the saying goes everything in moderation.  Eating large amounts of Brasil nuts is not good.  About two or three a day is recommended.

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