Saturday, December 1, 2012

Featuring A Poem by My Friend, Brian Morrison

The Arts: Poetry  

"This Poem is in support of our Women who struggles routinely to stay alive in the face of spousal abuse. Women who choose to walk away, having in the end to make heartbreaking choices. Stay strong sistas !!"  [Brian Morrison]

Tears for the Babies
Brian  Morrison

My lover, my friend,
Where are you ?
A desperate thief in flight
Fleeing with the quiet night. 
While I, in deep slumber fell.
Did not hear you creeping;
No floors were squeaking;
No final kiss goodbye. 

My lover, my friend,
Where did you go ?
With just the clothes
On your bruised back.
You did say one time
One day you`d leave.
So he backhanded her.
Inflicting another fracture. 
My lover, my friend,
Can`t find you any where -
Not your sister`s,
Not your mama`s
Nor your grandma`s house.
Don`t get me mad now !
Sorry - didn`t mean to shout.
Forgive me for busting your mouth.
My lover, my friend,
Please come home.
Been waiting so long.
Did you find love anew,
Whispering I love you ?
Promising to strike not
Your beauty once perfect.
Now a mind in despair.

My lover, my friend,
Will you a second chance
This irracible brute give.
Let bygones be just that.
He promised no more pain.
Smiling...he swung again.
She screamed & hollar
Belt buckle in her collar.
Your Lover ? your Friend ?
Bastard!! Taker of my virginity;
Robber of self esteem;
Vampire of my dreams.
I gave you my heart.
But you ripped it all apart
Lord: Please forgive me....
For aborting Diablo`s genes. 

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