Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guys! Do Something Different

Society & Culture

Do something different. By all means give the occasional bouquet of flowers, but for goodness sake do something different. Spice things up. Leave notes around the house. Bombard her with "I-love-you's". Take her pajamas and make it into the shape of a heart and put it on the bed. Or send her on a treasure hunt, even if the hidden "treasure" is a twenty for her to buy herself her favorite bubblegum. Simplicity goes a long way, bro. 

Like the time I knocked on her door as a home inspector from her favorite TV home improvement show, decked out in my hard hat, t-shirt with logo, tool belt filled with tools, and a construction worker swagger. Or as the rastaman (she pronounces it as 'hastaman') who showed up at her hotel room one morning. That kinda stuff is almost guaranteed to get you some. Or dressed up as the "shy guy" who shows up looking like he shopped his clothes right off a Macys mannikin, looking really good and hot. Cooked a wonderful dinner for her but was too shy to go any further, and he just left. A huge turn-on for her. Took some self-discipline on my part...sheeesh. 

Spice things up. Make things all about her, dude. Be like a slave to her sometimes, telling her that you won't allow her  to lift a finger to do anything about the house. At your service, my Queen. She feels like having ice-cream, it is mid-night, and there is none available in the house, brave the rain, cold, or snow to go get it. Tell her you are going out to get it. She will say something like, "No, honey. It's too late." Reply something like, "You are not the boss of me." and just go get the darn ice-cream, mate.  Be creative.  Do something different in your own little way. Keep it simple. And please, don't do stuff to get something back in return. Just do for her. She deserves the special treatment, doesn't she? 

Now for my gay and lesbian friends, this stuff applies to you as well. Go ahead and spice things up for your partners too.

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]