Friday, December 14, 2012

My Sincerest Gratitude to the Stevenson School


I have worked at the Robert Louis Stevenson School over the past twenty years.  During that time I have witnessed the wonderful work it has performed and continues to perform on behalf of bright adolescents who lack a strong sense of self, minimize their own potential, efforts, and achievements and who find it difficult to effectively deal with the myriad of obstacles they encounter as they try to navigate the high school educational landscape.  Not only have I been a witness to Stevenson’s effective work on behalf of these children, but I have myself benefited from working within its system.  I credit Stevenson’s educational philosophy with, in part, helping me in my growth as an individual and as a professional.  I have always said that its philosophy has helped me tremendously in becoming a better parent, as over the years I have applied those principles in bringing up my own children. 

I believe that the quality of maturation that I achieved over the years from being at Stevenson (a not-for-profit organization) also resulted in my being able to bring to completion my just published digital book of poetry, Musings from Outside theUniversal.  In fact, I only began to seriously write poetry during my sojourn at Stevenson.  In this regard, in an effort to say “Thank You” on a personal level and chiefly because of its outstanding work with adolescents I have decided to allocate all proceeds coming to me from the sale of Musings From Outside the Universal to the Stevenson School.  I have always wanted to find a way to show my gratitude to Stevenson, and I can think of no other way to do so.  

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