Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sacrifice My Own Child!! You've Got To Be Kidding Me!!

Religion and Philosophy
In my previous post on this category I wrote about Arjuna's remonstrating against Krishna's instruction to kill his relatives.  In this post I would like to highlight briefly the instance in which God commanded Abraham to kill his son as a sacrifice.  Now, I am not interested in the theological implications of this command, nor am I interested in defending or not defending God or offering kudos to Abraham for his solid faith.  All I am simply saying is that there was no way I would have followed that instruction.  I would simply have said,
"With all due respect, God, I refuse to carry out such a command.  It is wrong.  I know You are God and all that, and that You reserve the right to do whatever You please, but I still think it is wrong, and I am not going to do it.  Now mind You, God, I am not angry at You or any such thing.  You are still God to me, but I refuse to kill my son, and You can't make me do it if I don't want to."

Now I know that the theologians, philosophers, church-men/women, priests, and pastors have all kinds of opinions on this issue, but I simple do not care.  When my now 17 year old daughter, Kara, was about 8 years old I asked her if God had asked her to kill her child as a sacrifice whether she would do it.  She said to me, "Hell no, Daddy! I won't do it! Sorry!"  And then she explained that she did not think that God would ask such a thing, and that if such an instruction were given it would be the Devil pretending to be God.  You gotta love the simplicity and innocence of children.

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