Monday, December 24, 2012

Screw Fitness for a Day! It's Christmas! Let's Eat!

Health, Recreation, & Fitness

Yea! Whatever the title says above. I don't want to hear about running or biking. Don't use the "G-word" (gym). Don't talk to me about calories, cholesterol, or any such thing. Leave me alone. I am not doing my daily push-up or ab exercises either. Come on! It's Christmas! That means, among other things, eating all of the good stuff that mom, grandma, spouse, or whoever does the cooking around this time, prepares. Allow me to indulge, and I refuse to feel guilty. Did you hear me? It's Christmas! So back off with all the health and fitness stuff. Baked chicken, pepper-pot and home-made bread, rice and peas and chicken, cook-up rice, (split or black-eyed peas) akee and salted fish, black cake (the kind with rum in it), sorrel drink, ginger-beer, roti and curry...mmmm. And I am making sure that there is enough left over for Boxing Day (Sorry, that's the day after Christmas; and it's a holiday as well. One of the legacies of the "Mother Country"). Now back off, I say! You are not going to make me feel guilty. Alright, alright! I promise that I won't over-eat. And yes! I will get back to working out again on the 27th. {Freaking dictator! Won't leave me the hell alone.} 

[Artwork by Ric Couchman]

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