Saturday, December 29, 2012

Three More Poems - Three More Friends

The Arts

In the Season of Poui

Avi Miller

In the season of Poui
Red and yellow blossoms fall;
Shadows fall with them too
- Into six by six garden plots
Of dust and soul.

Long before this silence
Of sleep robbing you of self,
Some come to understand
That phantom hugs and kisses
Haunt before garden graves.

In such stark moments of truth
A tongue heavy with immediacy
Must ask that you- in particular,
No sad song sing; nor long speech write
No goat blood spill; nor lilies bring.
That rum breath-mourning scent,
Be kept to yourself.

If you want- remember,
If not, be free to forget.
I was already a floating memory
Riding times lonely stream.
Alone on it I came.

Curled, like some 
Infinitely suffering thing
Assumed in the pale
Raiment of death,
Alone I depart.

Having drunk bitter gall
Of a false lover- lost.
Perhaps, it is best
The world is shouldered
On one with greater breath.

You who walked beside me
Knotted by feeble words
- Left me to rot
In some dark recess of life.
Let me have then,

My serene scene,
In this secluded plot
Of myrrh filled sunset
To which I hum
This new immortal song.


The Seer

David Pearson

Sitting at the table
At the village fair
He told the future
For a dollar clear,
Just as he saw it
He spoke plainly
But he said it with
Words spoken wisely.

A man came alone,
With nothing in his hand
The seer looked deeply
He saw a life grand,
A future of success
With riches great.
A man of influence
And so the seer spake.

“I see a life of difficulty,
Heart ache and pain,
Mixed with success
And so much gain.
If you have friends
And the support they give,
You will be rich
As long as you live.”

A man came happy,
With his girl in the rain,
The seer looked deeply
He saw a life of pain.
A future cut short
By a disease’s path
There’d be no sports;
Seer shared no wrath.

“I see a life of difficulty,
Heart ache and pain,
Mixed with success
And so much gain.
You’ll need friends -
The support they give,
And you’ll be rich
As long as you live.”


...the last time...

Austin George Henry

You cannot get tomorrow, today
Neither can you get back yesterday
The minute that has been spent
You do not own it…ye rent
For after sixty seconds, it rents away.
Did you give love tomorrow’s yesterday?

The months they go by
And the years they fly
Father Time never stands still
Methinks, the time you bring,
to read this song,
Tis a whole lifetime,
for someone.
Did you do love yesterday’s tomorrow?

Can we create a future that will erase, or better, the past?
Can ye make the present destine a future that will last?
Am I the master of my personal determined tomorrow?
Could he, she, they, them, soar to the past like Kilimanjaro?
The quill’s on this ode for the last time…
Now becomes then,
the breath the “w” passes away…

Did you give love, with love, today?

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]

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