Monday, December 31, 2012

Try "Tom Y" For the New Year

Health, Recreation, & Fitness

One of the many New Year's resolution that people around the world will be making is to work on improving their health by becoming more involved in fitness activities. If you are looking for a fitness activity to become involved in because you believe running, biking, walking, weight-training, and other activities might not work for you, how about considering Yoga. I have always had a tremendous respect for Yoga. In fact, had I not been involved in Martial Arts (which I started at age 12), I would have chosen Yoga, like Martial Arts, for its combed benefits of improved physical fitness and self-discipline. There are numerous Yoga teachers out there, and very good ones as well. However, the Yoga expert for whom I have profound respect is someone with whom I have worked for a number of years. He is Tom Weston. I have seen first-hand the profound impact of Yoga on his life and the way in which his life has made an impact on others - including mine. I have been involved in personal fitness consistently since age 12, and I still seek him out and defer to him on some of the nitty gritty of fitness.

  • What is Yoga?
  • Is Yoga about stretching?
  • Is Yoga a religion?
  • Will Yoga help with other sports and athletic activities?
  • Will Yoga help relieve stress?
Well, since I am no expert on Yoga, I will let Tom (who has since developed his own system called Tom Yoga) answer that question. Tom is based in New York City, but that does not preclude his being an excellent resource to anyone anywhere in the world. Check out his answers to the above questions, his web page, and his  contact information by clicking on Tom Yoga

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