Monday, February 25, 2013

Diet and Exercise: Finding a Balance

Nutrition, Health, and Fitness

There are many people out there who are desirous of losing weight because they are in fact overweight. There are also many businesses offering competing diet plans and trying to better each other by offering the promise of more weight loss over the shortest period of time. And of course there is always someone ready to swear by one plan or the other. The reality is there is no shortcut to healthy weight loss. What is called for is some basic education about how the body uses material for energy, what becomes of the excess material, and some basic understanding of nutrition and what constitutes a balanced diet. What is also needed is some basic plan of action which involves eating in moderation and engaging in activities that will allow your body to use up daily energy source intake and also use up excess energy material (fat). Simply walking for half an hour at least three times per week will produce great benefits in the short and long term. Of course essential to your achieving your goal is staying focused and following through on your plan.  A couple of other important considerations. No more late night eating. Secondly, what is the point if losing weight if your metabolism sucks (constipation?). Part of any plan must involve getting your body to breakdown and eliminate material in a consistent and regular basis. Water, water, water, and don't forget fresh fruit and vegetables. To sum up...educate yourself.  Eat nutritionally balanced meals, and do so in moderation. Walk (or least do something!) for half an hour each day or every other day. Good luck. You can do this.

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