Thursday, February 14, 2013

Don't Forget What Day It Is Today!!!

Culture & Society

Ok!!! I know what you are thinking! Now don't you dare! You are asking yourself, "Do I have to?" OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO!! And I can hear you trying to rationalize as follows: "Well every day is Valentine's Day." Nice try, buddy! That is one lame-ass excuse. Get off your lazy ass and go buy those roses. Throw some chocolate in for good measure. She is watching her weight you say?! Hell, even the most disciplined woman cannot refuse chocolate. Now if you are loaded, go buy the woman some really expensive jewelry. Think diamonds, dude. They are a woman's best friend, as the saying goes (And a man's enemy I dare say, for after all, those rocks cost a pretty penny.). And hey! Taking her out to dinner is not such a bad idea either. Come on! It's Valentine's Day! You can play video games another time. Aha! I can see that mind of  yours at work! What's in it for you come tomorrow after you are done treating her like a queen, you ask???? Seriously!!! You ought to be ashamed  of yourself!! Oh well...yea, yea. You got me there. Typical guys. I know. We all think alike (Sheepish grin). And to all my LGBT friends (my own dear little KJC included), how can I forget you guys? I rather suspect that you, for the  most part, do all this stuff extremely well, far better than we sorry-ass so-called straight men do. Happy Valentine's Day, all!

[Photographic Art by Angela Pereira]

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