Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ifrain Caraballoso - Photographer

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What strikes me about the works of Ifrain Caraballoso (Cuban born and New York City-based photographer) is their uniqueness. His works stand out from that of other photographers. Instead of the often exaggerated (and I do not mean this in a pejorative sense) realism so usually far more beautiful than reality itself, Mr. Caraballoso's works take us deeper than the mere "forest" and "tree" view. They take us a little deeper than the "tree" and sort of on the threshold of the microscopic. Particularly stunning are his "Beyond Macro" images. For those of you who do not know, macro photography takes us real "close up and personal". But Ifrain's pieces take us a little beyond the close up and personal. It's as if you are seeing the subject through a microscope. And that almost microscopic view gives you a mind-blowing world of color, detail, and structure that is as beautiful as it is strange. And what a journey it was to explore this world beyond the world of macro. But not only will you get a sample of this surreal world, Ifrain also presents pieces in abstract as well in the usual real. In the end, though, after checking out his pieces, one cannot help but ask the age old question regarding the nature of reality. You can check out Mr. Caraballoso's works on his website at

[Photographic Art by Ifrain Caraballoso]

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  1. As a photographer myself I am blown away by Ifrain's photography. He really knows how to capture feelings in his photos. Cheers!