Wednesday, February 20, 2013

North Korea's Nuclear Test & All The Usual Rhetoric

Current Affairs

So here we go again! Another North Korea nuclear test - its third in seven years. And since its many launches of missiles and satellite rockets since 1993, there is the usual cycle of rhetoric from the U.S., from the E.U., from the U.N., from South Korea and Japan, from China, and from North Korea itself, with little change in the script. Here is how the cycle goes:

  • North Korea conducts missile test.
  • Complaints and "stern warnings" by South Korea and Japan
  • Condemnation by the E.U
  • Demands that North Korea abstain from further tests
  • Condemnation by the U.S.
  • Request for imposition of "stronger" trade and economic sanctions on North Korea
  • China's silence.
  • North Korea claims test in response to U.S. threat
Funny how with all the "crippling" and "stronger" sanctions that North Korea is still able to conduct tests. Am I missing something? Oh well. In the meanwhile, watch out for more of the same following the next North Korea underground nuclear test or rocket/missile launch.

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