Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hands Off Africa! Leave Her Alone!

Current Affairs

At his confirmation hearing for the position of Secretary of State, Senator John Kerry bemoaned China's increasing role in Africa. "China is all over Africa," he said, "I mean, all over Africa. And they are buying up long term contracts on minerals, on...I mean, you name it. And there are some places where we are not in the game, folks. And I hate to say it. And we got to get in." It is back to colonial times once again. Once again the West (and China as well) has its greedy eyes set on Africa. It's the rape of Africa all over again. As if it ever stopped. This time the plunderers are doing so with greater intensity and without even hiding the fact. Yep! And it is a game all right. That is how Kerry characterized it. Yea! A game indeed! Playing games with the lives of innocent Africans, salivating over their resources. While the U.S. was busy fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, China was already positioning itself, seizing the opportunity to siphon off its share of Africa's wealth. Now the U.S. is getting wind of the scheme, being caught off-guard and now wanting its share of the Africa pie. Already it has started to stake out its territories, having already established bases or operating positions in several African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Djibouti, plus training and equipping militaries in several other African countries. And don't forget the unbridled support for coups and dictatorships. And even France has gotten in the act, having at this time invaded Mali under the guise of helping to restore democracy. Yea right! Watch for other European countries following in France's wake to stake their own claims. Oh yes! The frenzied rush is on, the mad rush to secure markets and resources in Africa.

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