Saturday, April 20, 2013

But From Evil Deliver Us

The Arts - Poetry

"Sed Libera Nos a Malo"
Ric Couchman

Evil might wear a hoodie
Or even a turban or keffiyeh.
It has been known to wear a tiara,
A zucchetto, kippah, or a mitre –
A baseball cap is not out of the question.
Evil flew planes into two towers
And atom-bombed two cities.
Unsuspecting IEDs are Evil’s terror
And so are high-flying drones
That without discrimination 
And in silence rain their doom.
It can be grown in the desert,
Nurtured in rocky and dark caves,
Sometimes flourishing in prairies 
Or refined in conference rooms.
Whether attired in business suits,
Dresses, skirts, pants,
Cassocks, law enforcement uniforms,
Or arrayed in combat fatigues,
Its objectives are the same –
Destruction and Domination.
It resides in every continent,
In every country, in every nation,
Among every race, in every religion.
It can be black or white,
Indigent or affluent,
Atheist or theist.
Inside a temple it might pray,
Or worship in a mosque,
Or praise God in a church.
Be not surprised to find it in the home
Or likewise in our schools,
Adorned with a fair and innocent face.
Evil has exterminated Jews,
Enslaved black Africans,
And slaughtered indigenous peoples.
It puts out its money to usury,
Building financial empires
And putting countless numbers in debt.
Earth’s natural resources it plunders,
Giving the least consideration
For the potential disastrous effects
Of its rapacious pursuits.
It can be found in democracies,
And it resides in dictatorships.
It sits on thrones, in congresses,
In senates, in parliaments;
It is everywhere and in every place,
Speaking every language,
Often unrecognized and not so obvious.
So beware, my friends, beware;
For even against itself it sometimes speak,
Talking grandiloquently of peace,
And casting itself as moral and good.

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]

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