Monday, April 8, 2013

Going Any Place, Becoming Anything

Recreation, Health, & Fitness

Not so long ago, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed and burnt out. My usual routine of backpacking, running, and some of the other things I do were not working for me. The joy and satisfaction seemed to have disappeared from my foreign film viewings, and my camera was more or less lying in its storage spot simply languishing from lack of use. Even the Poetry Muses seemed to have departed from me. And then I remembered the pleasure I used to have as a child - the pleasure of going into a quiet place and creating my fantasies with paper and pencil. Those moments were peaceful, cathartic, and health inducing. They produced numerous heroes rescuing damsels in distress and scenes of nature in all it beauty and tranquility. So on this occasion I decided to spend some time drawing. You cannot begin to imagine the regrouping that began to take place, the recreating, the opening up of my inner self, the reaffirmation of life, family, friends, people...that the world indeed makes sense. I decided to go out to sea in a boat, if only for a brief while. And what a boat ride it was! With my drawings, I can go any place, become anything. My imagination knows no bounds.

[Sketch by Ric Couchman]

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