Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meet Brasilian Singer/Song Writer - Livia Gabriel

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I have always had this suspicion that God, when creating the world, left the best for last - Brasil. I believe it is the place he goes for vacation. Yea, and why not? Beautiful women, beautiful beaches, football, great food, art, flora and fauna, the Amazon Rain Forest, beautiful music. He also gave us singer/song writer, Livia Gabriel. Oh My God!!!! What a voice!!! But it's not only her voice. The music is hauntingly beautiful. It fills the soul, richly permeating your being and transporting you to places of tranquility and delight.  The lyrics is in another language - Brasilian Portuguese, but who cares - music is universal, so there is a familiar understanding. We get it. Livia reminds me of French singer, Sade, but only fleetingly. I immediately forget Sade and hear only her - her unique style, her melodic voice, her passion. To lead off this wonderful selection of music, here is my favorite, Gratitude. Enjoy.

For more of Livia's Music  visit the following site:

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