Monday, April 15, 2013

My PowerPacker

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Forget those so-called "energy drinks" out there. You want to be a RockStar? You want to Burn like a fiery RedBull? You want to go FullThrottle like a Monster? Then I have got an energy drink - a smoothie - for you. I call it my PowerPacker  (Aha!! Julius and Neville, I know I would get your attention :-) This is not one of those pre-bottled or pre-canned energy drinks you buy in the store; you can prepare this in the comfort of your own home. Further, you will not have to worry about unsafe levels of caffeine allegedly associated with these drinks. make two servings ( for you and one for your partner) of this power-packing smoothie, all you need are the following:

1.  a blender
2.  a 2-3 lb piece of watermelon*
3.  the juice from 2 oranges
4.  2 bananas
5.  9 strawberries
6.  2-3 tablespoons of plain non-fat yogurt

Blend the ingredients together, pour into two large glasses, and garnish with a couple of basil leaves. Enjoy. Put that energy to use. And let me know what you think.
*[I usually put the watermelon through my juicer to extract the juice and to get rid of the pulp.]

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]

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