Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sorry, God, I Don't Love You.

Religion and Philosophy

Recently I overheard a conversation in which one of the participants was talking of his love for God and for Jesus. I remember studying the cathecism as a young Roman Catholic and reciting that which is supposed to be the greatest of all the commandments, namely, loving God with all heart, mind, and strength. I have no problem with people who practice faith or with those who claim that God does not exist. As long as they both allow me the latitude to have and express my faith, no problem. My faith is personal, and I believe that everyone should be allowed the latitude to express his or her faith as he or she pleases. Now, as far as I know, Christianity, the Bahai Faith, and Sikhism are the only major religions in which love for God is demanded. I have to be honest with you...that is one commandment that I will not follow. The reality is, I do not love God and never will. In fact, I have no emotional disposition toward God - no fear, no love, no hate, no anger, nothing. I love those close to me more than I love God or Jesus. I love my children more than I love God. I love my AP more than I love God. I love my brothers and sisters more than I love God. I love my greyhound, relatives, my friends, books, acquaintances.....You get the picture. God is way down the end of the line of those I love.

I am a sentient being and can only relate within normal sensory channels, so the idea of loving God is impossible - for me, that is. Moreover, I do not get too caught up with God; I don't have much to do with it or him or her. I give that Being It's space and only ask that It gives me mine. We have nothing in common. We simply do not speak the same language and are not interested in the same things. I can't imagine us playing a game of chess against each other or having a conversation about one of my favorite foreign films. My mother and I used to have such conversations. Now, she I loved, and I do miss her...and her cooking. So, all the other commandments I can handle. I have no problem with them, but that one about loving God... fuhgeddaboudit! 

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