Saturday, April 6, 2013

"...that gay marriage is immoral"

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One thing I have always known about my younger daughter is that she speaks her mind. She is pretty much in-your-face. The following are two of her poems: The first essentially tells the person opposed to gay marriage to mind his or her own business, and the second, spoken at a recent poetry event at her high school, delineates the inner rantings of the individual's soul. Enjoy

i do not understand
Kara Couchman

i do not understand
how i can be looked in the face
and be told that gay marriage is immoral
and should have no legal basis.
i can not comprehend
how it can be said that i,
K r a  J i  C u h a,
should not, like everyone else,
be accorded the same human rights
just because the person i love is also female.
at the day’s end, if YOU are straight
and you stand opposed to gay union,
then have it your way;
do not marry one of the same sex,
but do mind your own business.
and unless you are marrying me,
which you, of course, desire not,
and to which certainly i would not consent,
i do not understand why
my marital status should be of concern to you.


Happy Poem
Kara Couchman

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