Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Poetic Analysis of the Human Condition - Part II of a Trilogy

The Arts - Poetry

Of Substance and Shadows 

Ric Couchman

A quiet walk in a painted landscape
On a bright and sunny summer's day
Offers the golden sun without its warmth,
As colorful flowers in bedazzling array,
Their mellifluous fragrance withhold.
Even the feathered musicians balk,
Muted, as if inoculated from persuasion,
Their songs forever imprisoned in a moment,
While Time, in ponderous contemplation,
Seems lost, as if in quest for some purpose,
Dazed, dreamlike, and sullenly transfixed,
Having the appearance of form and life,
But eerily soulless and void of texture.
Alone I wander along that now worn-out path
Winding its way like a fast fading dream
Through hurried brushstrokes of vibrant green,
Among inertly torpid trees and stagnant leaves
Drowned in a vapid, oppressively haunting silence.
But from this vivid eruption of sterile beauty,
Incandescent, cacophonic, verdant, prismatic,
Life, as if mortified, long made its hasty retreat,
Leaving behind a morbid contradiction,
The apparent and the essential in opposition,
A bland canvas of shadows without substance,
And I, lonely itinerant, now weary and lost,
Doomed to traverse this vista of mute indifference.

(Click Here for link to Part I)

[Photographic Art by Ric Coouchman]

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