Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Poetic Analysis of the Human Condition - Part III of a Trilogy

The Arts - Poetry

Of the Human Heart
Ric Couchman

Deceitful and desperately wicked?
With such stern characterization
Let me differ, though with trembling.
With fear, a contrary position I take.
I will find ten righteous, yea, twenty.
I will for scrutiny hold up the heart,
That inviolable symbol of Humanity.
I offer Thelma and Miriam, saintly souls
Such as the world has never seen -
Other than the venerable Agnes Gonxha,
Mother to countless multitudes,
Or the bespectacled Bapu, Mohandas,
Who, as the bearded Nazarene commanded us,
Turned the other cheek, eschewing violence,
Or the many who with each passing day
Offer a kind word here or a few mites there,
Giving of themselves, unrewarded, unsung,
Or the soldier braving danger a comrade to save,
Or the mother moving heaven and earth
To provide her children with life’s necessities.
Far and near, in every corner of the earth,
In big cities, in hamlets, in towns, in villages,
Among Arabs, among Jews,
Among Blacks and among Whites,
Among Asians, among Indigenes,
Among the indigent and among the affluent,
Among homosexuals, among heterosexuals,
Among all religions and nationalities,
Compassion, benevolence, magnanimity, mercy,
Humanity's sacred and inestimable gifts to itself
Transcending race, creed, and status,
Providing hope in the face of hopelessness
And love where none seems to exist.
And so, with utmost pride,
This poet numbers himself,
Esteeming himself fortunate to be,
Among those who call themselves Human.

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