Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Habeas Who?? Sorry, No One By That Name Here."

Current Affairs

The military prison (also known as Gitmo) on Guantanamo Bay in Cuba has become somewhat of an embarrassment for the US, and even more so in view of the recent hunger strike which now involves 100 inmates. The situation could get out of hand especially if any of the protesters succumb to their prolonged fast. In this regard, President Obama  is again vowing to fulfill his broken promise to close the prison. And he had better be quick about it, for it simply continues to show up our hypocrisy. According to Amnesty International report published in 2011, the military prison at Guantanamo continues to send ten anti-human rights messages.  They are as follows:

1. The whole world is a battleground in a global war in which human rights do not apply.
2. Humane detainee treatment is a policy choice, not a legal requirement.
3. Even detentions found unlawful by the courts can continue indefinitely.
4. The right to a fair trial depends on where you come from.
5. Justice can be manipulated to ensure the government always wins.
6. Execution is acceptable--even after unfair trial.
7. Victims of human rights violations can be left without remedy.
8. Looking forward means turning a blind eye to truth and accountability.
9. Respect for universal human rights can be discarded if they conflict with 'domestic values'.
10. Double standards, not universal standards, are the order of the day.

[Photographic Art by Angela Pereira]

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