Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Strange Ways In Which Our Lives Intersect

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Before today, I never met him. I met his brother, Vince, for the first time earlier this afternoon. Before today, I never even knew Vince. One critical event "brought" us together - something that occurred yesterday. An accident in the home, a fall resulting in a paralysis. As I was about to return from a field trip today, one of my colleagues asked if I were available to act as a stand-in in the Brooklyn Half Marathon for a friend of his. Thirteen miles? For me a piece of cake. Sure I was interested. And then he told me the reason his friend, Vince, could not participate in the race this Saturday. Vince's brother, Joe (40 years old and in excellent shape), had a fall which rendered him fully paralyzed. I just met Vince a few hours ago to receive from him the bib (#21147) and other official necessities for the race. Certainly not the best of circumstances in which to get to know someone, but you never know what life brings your way. I am very thankful for the opportunity to run this race in Vince's stead and on behalf of his brother, Joe. In fact, I consider it an honor. The good news is that Joe is beginning to show movement in his fingers and hands; the expectations are positive. Please pray for Joe, keep him and his family in your thoughts, and send positive energy his way. And be mindful of the things you do from day to day, the people with whom you cross paths. Our lives intersect in strange and inscrutable ways. Take life seriously. Embrace it fully. Live it meaningfully. 

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