Saturday, June 15, 2013

"A Question of Lost Innocence?"

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Behind the Closed Door
Ric Couchman

And so we dream,
Yearning desperately
For that time long past.


Behind that door
A conversation ensues -
A unilateral dialogue
If I may say so.
A misnomer that phrase,
Since in a dialogue
Two are necessary.
At your own risk
You enter, I dare say.
And if enter you do,
Full responsibility
Falls squarely on you
For that which is heard.
And what you do with it
Is entirely up to you.
I fear that what you hear
You might not like,
So weigh carefully your choice.
I suggest that you do not enter;
A question of lost innocence?
But if you do enter,
You are committed –
There is no turning back.
Wait a bit; there is one last thing…
Everything you hear in there
Stays behind that door.
You may now enter.

Enter Here

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