Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meeting My Perfect Opposite

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Just imagine, somewhere in another universe (a parallel universe) there is a Ric Couchman, the perfect parallel of me, identical in every respect. The only problem is that I am a danger to that Ric Couchman, and he is a danger to me. What I mean is that we can never come into contact with each other, for to do so would mean the destruction of both of us. So, I am doing everything possible to avoid such an encounter, and he, I am certain, is doing the same thing too. But in a strange way, there is a certain curiosity. Knowing the danger, there is a part of me that is willing to have that meeting. If you are wondering whether I am on something, I assure you I am not. The preceding has been raised as a possibility in the field of Theoretical Physics. We are talking here about Anti-Matter.

When the universe was first set in motion as a result of the Big Bang, there was an equal amount of matter and anti-matter resulting from the explosion. You know what I am talking about when I refer to matter, but anti-matter is the perfect opposite of matter, identical in every respect with the only difference being in energy charges their particles carry. It is because of this difference in the energy charge between matter and anti-matter that destruction is the result when these two entities meet. The collision of matter and anti-matter results in a huge explosion. So imagine the result when anti-matter-Ric meets matter-Ric for the first time and they shake hands. KABOOM!!! In fact, if one tiny bit of anti-matter comes into contact with a tiny bit of matter, the result is an explosion bigger than that of Hiroshima.

So, when the Big Bang occurred and matter and anti-matter resulted, something interesting happened next - something that is one of the biggest mystery in science. That "something" is that only matter remained. What happened to anti-matter or that parallel universe? Where did it go? Theoretical physicists are still trying to find that out. Are these two universe trying to find each other, to reconnect? Are the two Ric Couchmans looking for each other? When that meeting occurs, there will of necessity be a canceling out, a destruction -nothingness. 

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