Friday, June 21, 2013

Ridiculously Misunderstanding "Enforcement"

Education ---

Someone was trying to come across as learned and smart and came up with the markings on the Police, Parks Commission, and Animal agency vehicles below. In fact, someone with a presumably "good" or reasonable education was probably paid to come up with those markings. Someone also spray-painted the phrases on the side of those vehicles, and I suppose never questioned the correctness of their usage either because he or she could care less or because of a limited understanding of the elements of grammar, usage, mechanics, and style. The phrases sounds official and important, but in reality they are ludicrous and make absolutely no sense whatsoever. The phrases are Parks Enforcement, Traffic Enforcement, Parking Enforcement, and Animal Enforcement. What the individual who came up with those phrases does not understand is that the term "enforcement" means to ensure observance of or obedience to some rule or law. Only laws or rules are or can be enforced. Animals, Parks, Traffic, and Parking cannot be enforced, but rules or laws relating to each of them can be enforced. But who gives a sh*% these days. Oh well!

Parks Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement

Parking Enforcement


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