Saturday, June 22, 2013

The First Day of Summer

The Arts ---

The Summer Princess

The first day of summer in New York City. An explosion of the Arts, and a good feeling in the air. The sidewalks teeming with life and energy. Some of the highlights of that wonderful Friday afternoon: a rock band performs in front of a cafe, a variety of Asian performances on busy Broadway, printed books (those phenomena of the past) for sale, a young man with his pants down his behind, a skateboarder in traffic, and Beanie the chihuahua.  Enjoy. 

Shall we dance?

Yes, you may take my photo.

69th Street Band

You need steel claws to play this baby.
Scarf Dancer

Accompaniment to the Mongolian song
Mongolian Song

The Crossover
The Magic Flute

"When are we going to be called on stage?"
"Pull up your pants," he shouted.

Slow-moving vehicle
My name is Beanie.

Lending a helping hand

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