Friday, June 14, 2013

Why Am I Here?


Today the faculty at RLS participated in a very interesting, self-reflecting activity coordinated by our Educational Director. The over-arching question for consideration was the question: "Why are you here?" We first spent about 20-30 minutes providing thoughtful answers to five sub-questions. Then we broke up into pairs to share our answers with the partners with whom we were paired. Following that sharing session, each pair of faculty members joined another pair to continue sharing. After that the entire group got together again, and we took turns sharing anything we found particularly interesting, inspiring, or motivating from the time spent sharing in the smaller groups. The questions we reflected upon were:

1. Why did I get into education in the first place?
2. What are my core values as a professional?
3. What special gifts and talents do I have to offer?
4. What do I want my professional legacy to be?
5. What can I do to remember my passion and to stay true to my heart?

It was a fun exercise, and we each became very immersed in it. The conversations I overheard coming from the other groups were spirited and animated. We certainly learned a lot about each other, causing us to see each other in new ways and certainly enhancing our already positive views of one another. This activity sets the stage for further discussion, for we now have to consider our answers to the above questions in connection with that which we perceive as our school's mission.

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