Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Wild Sunday Afternoon With Monsters and Robots

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It was definitely not my choice of film. It was her choice. Based on what I saw of the promotional poster, it was going to be one of those Transformers kind of movies. That made it even worse, for I am not into those movies in which robots are flying around and fighting each other. Well, it falls under the Sci-Fi genre, hence one of the reasons she chose it. But the primary reason she chose it was Idris Elba. Yea, that man again. You see, as I mentioned a while ago in a previous blog, she has this crush on Mr. Elba. In fact, she is so taken with him and talks about him so much that I myself am starting to have a crush on the guy. Sheesh!!!. Well, actually, it is more like, "If you can't win 'em, join 'em." Anyway, having watched several Idris Elba movies with her, I gotta tell ya that I have become quite impressed with his work. This is a guy who knows his craft. If you haven't, you should watch the British TV series, "Luther". He gave an incredible performance as the lead detective in that series.!!! I hear that a big-screen version of the series is in the works. I (we) can't wait! But back to the film I am talking about in this blog. It is the recently released "Pacific Rim" - the 3D version of it. All I can say about that experience is, "WOW!!!" Aside from the excellent graphics and the immersive experience (thanks to the 3D elements), the movie's story-line and action were fantastic. I wanted to be simply entertained, and the film did just that. She, on the other hand, wanted to see Idris Elba but got more than that. Because of the 3D aspect, she could almost touch him :-) And of course, Idris Elba turned in another fine performance - to both our delight. You should check it out.

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