Thursday, July 25, 2013

Am I in the U.S.S.R?

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Someone please tell me it ain't so. Several months ago, I had about three friends of mine who individually cautioned me to be careful about the political sentiments I expressed via my blogs or via facebook. At the time, I could not believe that which I was hearing. What was interesting is that I saw similar warnings being given to other individuals who were also speaking their minds on certain issues. There seemed to be a growing climate of fear, a sense that big brother was listening or watching. After hearing the concerns of my friends, I refused to believe that such a thing was possible in this country. But then I began to wonder, what if they were right? In fact (and this is the god's truth), I conjured up images of men in dark suits knocking on my door and asking, "Are you Ric Couchman?", or being stopped on the streets by similar men in dark suits saying, "Sir, would you come with us please." The more I thought of it, the more depressed I felt. Could such a thing be possible in the USA? Unthinkable! And then, most recently the Edward Snowden affair happened. We find out that the US Government has been spying extensively on the emails and telephone calls of its citizens in violation of the 4th Amendment and that just a few days ago the House of Representatives has pretty much green-lighted such invasion of our privacy. We have reached a new low when Americans have to be careful about that which they say regarding our government and its policies. And by the way, whatever happened to that consummate loud-mouth, Rev. Jeremiah Wright? He seems to have been effectively gagged. Watch out people. Something insidious this way comes.

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