Sunday, July 28, 2013

Channels Clear, Plugged In, Connected, Receiving

Philosophy & Religion ---

In a way, I am like my i-phone (Yea. I have an i-phone, and my friend, Neville DeAngelou laughed at me the other day when I shared that piece of revelation with him.) As I was saying, I am like my i-phone, or like any other device that needs recharging after having used up its limited energy supply. I believe (for the time being at least, since there is always the possibility that new information might change one's belief) that we are essentially of the stuff that our world, the universe, nature, or whatever you wish to call it is made of and that the energy that is the driving force of everything is the same force that infuses our being. We partake of Its essence. And that that force or energy maintains a healthy balance between excess and deficiency. But ever so often we experience that depletion of spirit, that clogging up of things, that imbalance, that not-firing-on-all-cylinders, that disconnection with things, ourselves, others. 

And so we need that renewal, that flushing out, that change of scenery/location. Like an oil-change, a transfusion, a make-over, a re-alignment, like the water cycle experience. All weak analogies, of course, given the comparison, but you get the point. The preceding is the reason that we need to stay connected or to reconnect often with our Source (call It whatever the you wish - the One, God, Nature, Allah, whatever...who cares) - that which is essentially the Ground of our being. Doing so, whether through meditation, prayer, spending time in a quiet location, a vacation, a long walk, a run, a big house-cleaning, a change of get the picture.  A conscious connecting. But in order to do so we have to make sure that we clear out the clogged up channels, flushing out anger, ill-will, etc. Again, you get the picture. The logical corollary of all this stuff is that others will naturally benefit from this connection. This positive energy will emanate from us. Enough talk then; let's start (re)connecting.

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