Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Refusal

The Arts --- Poetry

The Refusal
Ric Couchman

I vehemently refuse to be enfleshed;
In desperation I struggle against it,
Knowing well the reality that awaits me.
Already, I am branded a criminal,
Even though I as yet do not exist.
I am defined without being consulted,
Deemed inferior, oversexed, and lazy
Since I am with that hapless group affiliated.
I will bawl and create a ruckus;
Yea! I will kick and scream,
For I reject citizenship in any society
Whose laws offer me no equal status,
But is instead set up and enforced
To protect property and persons from me.
I refuse to be brought forth into a land
Denying me economic and political power,
Into a land in which even as victim (of violence)
I am dehumanized and considered the aggressor,
Caught between Scylla and Charybdis.
Can you fault me, then, for saying
I refuse to be born into the race of the dark-skinned.

(The cry of a new-born babe fills the air.)

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