Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reverend Couchman

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That title of this post is certainly not a reference to me; it is a reference to my older daughter, Imani - Reverend Imani Couchman. As those of you who are parents (single or dual) know, we try to bring up our children in the best way possible and then cross our fingers, hope, and pray that they will ultimately be successful and live good lives. I am happy to say that Imani is on the journey to a good and successful life. The precursor to that journey, however, was a path of many challenges - challenges over which she triumphed (So, do not give up hope, parents.) as a result of her own solid confession of faith in Jesus as her Savior and her unswerving commitment to serving Him. Following the completion of her leadership training at the Master's Commission (a discipleship program for Christian young adults in Atlanta, Georgia), Reverend Couchman is now on staff as the Youth/Children Director at the Englewood Assemblies of God Church in Englewood, New Jersey.  As I proudly listened to her debut sermon a few weeks ago, I could not help but be captivated by her eloquence, her engaging tone, her deep passion and sincerity, and her command of the subject matter. Articulately deliberating on the "Believer's Responsibility", she talked about the underlying joy that is the basis of sharing one's story, gave examples of four biblical figures who shared their stories, and shared her own story of turmoil, transformation, and triumph. Imani will definitely continue to thrive in her Church community, but as a public speaker she will certainly go places. Well done, Imani-in-da-belly; you are (to use your favorite word) "Awesome!" I am proud of you.

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