Friday, December 27, 2013

300 and Julius

Celebrating 300! ---

[Julius' "Hotness" Test]
I have completed my 300th Blog. For me this is quite an achievement. The reason it is an achievement is that I really do not like to write. When I reveal this to my peers they think I am crazy. I get chided and upbraided for declaring such. But the truth is, I find writing quite enervating. It pulls on my very being; it stretches my emotions. It drains me.  

I teach a writing class at my school. Most of the students with whom I work do not like to write. When I say to them (at the start of the school year), "Raise your hand if you do not like to write." and their eager hands go up, I raise my hand also and say, "Welcome to the club; I also do not like to write." You should see the surprise and the incredulous looks on their young faces. I reiterate to them, "I do not like to write, but I am darned good at it. I will help you become good at it as well."

And so I write, not because I love it, but because I feel impelled to do so. I write because I must. And so I write, having no clue who is reading my writing, having no clue as to its impact. Not that I care, for all I know is that I must write. Actually, I have to make a slight correction here. I do know for sure at least one individual who reads (without fail) each blog I write. He might not always agree with my viewpoints, but he is always full of praise regarding the style in which I communicate my views and in the manner in which, according to him, I am able to "pack so much content and substance" into so few paragraphs. He is Julius, my dear friend and colleague (and my fellow aspirant to that ever elusive stardom). It is to him that I dedicate #300. His continual encouragement and praise is certainly appreciated. Julius, thanks much, my friend. You have been a tremendous source of support. One other thing, Julius,....Angie is reminding me that while you have been my chief supporter, she has been the inspiration. I am sure you will agree when I say, "I can't argue against that." For, after all, and as you would say, "I might be dumb, but I am not stupid."

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]

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