Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My DSLR Languishes

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Who would have thought!!  I remember my excitement about buying my new Digital SLR camera as I was thinking about getting into some serious photography.  Over time, I spent a few thousand dollars buying the lenses of various focal lengths, buying accessories, and buying books on photography.  

Many beautiful images of which I am immensely proud were produced as a result.  I recall spending hours reading books on photography and trying to understand the concepts of shutter speed, f-stop, metering, macro photography, depth of field, and many other photography concepts. And then smart-phones with built-in cameras appeared on the scene. And then I began to notice that images taken with smart-phones started to look better and better.

I do recall being worried for a bit, but I quickly pushed my worrying aside.  But before I knew it, first-rate quality smart-phone photographic images began to proliferate, comparable to those of DSLRs and sometimes even better.  The death knell of the DSLR camera was being sounded.  

My poor DSLR got the boot once I got my i-phone and once I found it more convenient to use that device for my photography. Plus, the built-in photo editor also made a huge difference.  The separation between my DSLR and me was finalized when I used my i-phone to take photos of my vacation in Italy this past summer while my DSLR and assortment of lenses lay in several shoe-boxes in a dark closet at my apartment.   Whether the divorce is truly final is yet to be seen.

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