Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Taking Back That Which I Said, Etc.

Current Affairs --

Last week I was lavishing praise on the negotiated settlement involving P5+1 and Iran and President Obama's role in that settlement.  Well, I am taking it back. Attempting to resolve a conflict while one party is wielding a "Big Stick" (Remember Roosevelt's Big Stick Diplomacy?) is no way to resolve a conflict.  In the first place such negotiations take place without regard for the dignity of the supposedly lesser party.  As long as the pariah-view of Iran is maintained, there can be no effective resolution of the conflict.  In fact, even more conflict can be anticipated.  Now, as to whether there is really any conflict?  Or a manufactured conflict? That is another story.  

Oh...and by the way...Allow me some free association here.  It ought to become obvious to all by now that what we have is the illusion of "change" and the illusion of power for a minority.  What we have is the Butler in the "House" (Can we say tokenism?) who believes that he is in possession of power but who is really the instrument of those in possession of the real power - the instrument for pursuing U.S. global aspirations.

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]

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