Sunday, December 22, 2013

The god Among Us

Religion & Philosophy---

"I am a god."
Recently, I became "acquainted" with someone who reminded me of the significance of God in our lives, of the need to be passionate about God's work, and of the importance of recognizing that God is the source of our gifts and talents.  With a sense of urgency and with intense passion, he reminded me that dreams are possible, to think big, and to understand that there is nothing wrong with greatness, that it is okay to "be great".  In the long run, he said, that "greatness" is not for self.  It is not about me or you; it is about helping and inspiring others, about being of service to humanity, about making everyone's life easier and awesome, about improving the quality of life - in sum, emancipating humanity (himself included) from what he calls "modern day slavery".  He pointed to the likes of Steve Jobs, Jesus, Walt Disney, Michelangelo - visionaries who dreamt big and who fought to realize their dreams.

As I "listened" to him over the past few days, I realized that this was also his own personal quest.   He knew who he was, believed in his own personal mission, and was deeply aware that "the fight" was a necessary or logical corollary of his creative genius.  He was certainly not diffident in affirming his own creative genius, which, as I understand it, is product oriented (with a focus on the highest quality), collaborative (recognizing the importance of working closely with other experts), and life-improving.  As I listened, I realized that radio stations and TV talk-show hosts want to talk with him about particulars, about a specific art or about his celebrity status.  He wants to talk big ideas, to share his dreams.  The question is are they ready for him?  Are we ready for him.   His constant cry is, "I can help humanity."  But no one seems to be taking him seriously.  No Medicci Family is stepping forward to help this Michelangelo.  And after having made his acquaintance, I must say that he has me believing that I, too, "am a god."  And I say, "Thank you."

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