Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Greatest Wonder of the World

Culture and Society---

[Sculpture at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice]
Such magnificence!!!   Eliciting a second look, causing a racing of the heart, interrupting focus, disrupting speech, eye-popping, jaw-dropping.  Such are its effects upon me and countless others.  The effects of that greatest  of the World's Wonders - Womanhood.  There is nothing like it.  It has been the subject of painting, sculpture, song,  poetry, and prose, but none of these inimitable tools of the imagination has been able to capture her essence.  Even reason is stumped; analysis helplessly founders in its puerile efforts to make sense of her.  And so she remains as elusive and as inscrutable as the mist.  

Womanhood is the essence of all women, and yet she is unique to each woman, individually.  She is all women, and she is the particular woman.  If I lavish words on the virtues, beauty, and the ineffable appeal of women in general, I will miss the mark, for I would have omitted the uniqueness of the individual woman. Likewise, If I adumbrate on the distinctive attributes of any particular woman, I still fall short, for I would have excluded those of the mass of women.  In attempting to describe her, words refuse to yield to thought. Unfettered and unchecked, they confirm to no logic. 

And so, in desperation, I must need resort to the senses to help me do justice to this panegyric on Wom·an·ness or Womanhood.  One thing is for sure, though words may fail me or take flight, I can always rely on my senses.  My senses will leave no doubt in my mind; they will not betray me.  The embellishments of cosmetics or the disfigurements of aging and adversity cannot hide her from me.  She will be revealed in every form, shape, size, or perspective.   I will recognize her when I see her.  I will know her when I smell her.  I will know her when I hear her. When I taste her I will know that it is she.  And aah...for sure, I will know her when I touch her.  I know of nothing that can so engage my senses, nothing that can so approvingly disrupt my lucidity, nothing that can so heal me, comfort me, invigorate me, or excite me as Womanhood - Beautiful, Sensuous, Enveloping, Transcendent.    

Dedicated to my dear friend and colleague, Julius.

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]

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