Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wedding Present From President Obama

Current Affairs---

"Hellfire Away!"
Sir, how do you sleep at night?  I used to say that despite my disagreement with you regarding some of your policies that I am sure you are a nice man with whom I would be more than willing to have a beer or with whom to play basketball.  Not anymore.  About a week ago one of your Drone strikes killed and wounded several humans in a wedding convoy in Yemen's al-Baitha province.  They turned out to be innocent humans, not the people you were after.  Enough with these extra-judicial or targeted killings!  Enough with killing, period!  In view of such action, you have no moral ground to stand on when you call Mr. Putin to account for Russia's new anti-gay law (This doesn't mean that Mr. Putin gets off the hook for that stupid law either).  

Mr. President, I still believe that somewhere inside you you are a good man.  There is nothing essentially evil about you; I do not believe that any human being is essentially evil.  But I do believe that you are misguided in your approach to solving some of the world's problems.  You are being led astray by others who have their own agenda.  Get out of their pockets.  You are much smarter than your actions suggest.  I worry that the more you authorize these extra-judicial or targeted killings, the more de-sensitized you will become to killing altogether.  You will notice that they are becoming easier and easier for you to authorize them.  What worries me also is that those individuals such as high-profile religious leaders or other individuals with some standing in our nation or around the world seem reluctant to call you to account.  I am just an ordinary person, so you will not listen to me.  It's a shame that they are mute on some of these things.  I shall continue to send positive energy in your direction with the hope that you will eventually find your way.

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