Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yet Another Failed African State

Current Affairs---

[Disorder and Instability in South Sudan]
On July 9, 2011, following years of civil war and genocide in Sudan and the deaths of over two million people, the world celebrated the birth of a new nation - South Sudan.  Two years later the world watches as that fledgling nation disintegrates into another failed African state.  This should not be happening since South Sudan possesses a plethora of natural resources, chief of which is oil.  But the reality is that this young, underdeveloped, and impoverished state began with a humongous debt.  It's people struggle daily to get clean water and food while it leaders pilfer the country's allocation of the oil revenue from Sudan.

Currently, South Sudan is steeped in ethnic violence, creating conditions of chaos and instability and threatening to draw Sudan and Uganda into the conflict.  The Ethiopians are already there as UN "peacekeepers", but that is another story.  And of course, in the background are the major players, Russia, China, and the US, all of whom have some stake in the entire affair.  Of course, where there is oil there are those players.  And of course, those same players are also the key powers in the UN and on the Security Council, using poorer nations the likes of South Sudan in their selfish quest for economic and military advantage.   When is this greed at the expense of poorer countries going to end?

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