Sunday, January 12, 2014

The "Bulldozer" is Dead

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It is very sad when a loved one is lost to death. Whether it is the loss of a grandparent, a mother, a father, a sibling, a relative, or a friend, it is heartbreaking. Death is a sobering human experience that touches us deeply, and the emotions it elicits is universal and shared by all humanity. Every individual regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, language, etc., understands loss to death, so my heart goes out to the family and friends of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. One can barely imagine the grief that they and their countrymen and women are experiencing at the moment. I am sure Mr. Sharon was loved within his circle and was a good father, grandfather, husband, and friend, and I truly hope that he departed this life without experiencing too much discomfort or pain. 

But while I sympathize with his family and close friends in their grief, I cannot help but remember the overwhelming grief that Prime Minister Sharon caused countless numbers of Palestinians. I cannot help but remember the grief they experienced in the massacres at Sabra and Shatila, the grief they experienced in the aggressive annexation of their land and the expansion of illegal settlements in their land, the grief they experienced in the forceful mass deportations, the grief they experienced from the demolition of their homes, and the grief they continue to experience to this day on account of those atrocities and of current policies. I revel not in the Prime Minister's death, and I hope he did not suffer during the past six years he was in a coma, but I wish the Palestinian people did not have to suffer as they did in the past and as they are suffering right now in the present. I remember them also in their ongoing grief.

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