Sunday, January 5, 2014

What Pastor Joel Osteen Omits

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I agree with prosperity preacher, Pastor Joel Osteen.  He is absolutely right!  We should not be living in the land of "not enough" but in the land of "more than enough".  We should be living a prosperous, abundant, and successful life, not a life of poverty.  We should have a "fatted calf" and an "abundant" mentality, not a penury mentality.  All the preceding suggest that we have responsibility for our lot in life, and I agree.  We certainly ought to take responsibility for our lot in life.  However, Pastor Osteen (whose millions, by the way, I do not begrudge, for, God  knows, he has worked his tail off for it) does not give the full picture.  

There are big corporations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, financial companies, banks, credit card companies, telecommunication companies, and their boards and executives who are making it increasingly difficult for us to have access to that abundant, prosperous, and successful life of which Pastor Joel Osteen preaches and who are by their exploitative practices and policies widening the divide between the "haves  and the have-nots" and reducing lands the world over to lands of "barely enough" because they (the exploiters) cannot seem to get "enough" of these lands' resources (material and labor).  

Pastor Osteen is right to remind us that we as individuals ought to be doing everything possible to pull ourselves out of poverty and to have a certain mindset that will motivate us in the direction of prosperity.  But he must also address those who, by their exploitative actions and policies, continue to make access to prosperity increasingly difficult.  By merely presenting the partial picture, the venerable pastor is acting irresponsibly and providing the excuse for those companies, banks, corporations, and their executives to "sit at ease in Zion".

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