Sunday, February 23, 2014

Clarion Alley in San Francisco

Culture & Society ---

Once you step into it, it is as if you are transported into another world, a world awash in imaginative brilliance.  You become immersed in it without being overwhelmed by it.  You become transported, caught up, without losing your awareness, your lucidity.  It's like running a benign gauntlet of colors in which the dazzling foliage of the fall season and the sweet bloom of spring collide.  This dizzying explosion of colors, this eruption of emotions, this echo of shapes and forms thrills, mesmerizes, confronts, even dares you.  There is no pedantry here.  It's an invitation to dialogue, an attempt at engagement, but one is free to walk away.  It's political.  It's religious. It's philosophical.  It's social.  It's aesthetic.  It's erotic.  It is everything.  No subject is off-limits.  Injustice, poverty, inequality, racism, substance abuse, all have a platform.  And once you walk out of that maelstrom of creative energy, you cannot help but turn around, and like Lot's wife, to look back in awe at that which you had just experienced, or, like Moses, be unaware that your "face shone."

[Photographic Art by Angela Pereira]

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