Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Action Neither Terminates on "I" Nor Is Done to "I"

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The action terminates on "me" or is done to "me", never "I".  Also, "her" is never the actor in a sentence; "she" is.   Unfortunately, some people seem not to know this or perhaps have forgotten it.  What is more is that some of these individuals include educators,  celebrities, politicians, and media personnel such as radio and television talk show hosts and TV news reporters.  For example, you might hear statements such as: "She gave John and I the report." or, "She gave the report to John and I." You might also hear "Her and I gave the report to the committee.", in which sentence the pronoun, "her" is incorrectly used as one of the subjects in the sentence.  

Sadly, the teaching of the rules of Grammar is fast becoming or has become a thing of the past.   My intent is not to decry those who experience difficulty with grammar and usage, for I do sympathize with their struggle.  Learning grammar, usage, style, and mechanics can be extremely boring, and perhaps those who make the above mistakes did not learn them well or did not learn them at all.  For my part, I make no claim of mastery of English grammar, but fortunately, I did become more adept at it because of my knowledge of Hebrew and of Classical Greek.  In particular, mastering the latter opened up the world of English grammar to me and made me appreciate it more.  As to the problem identified above, what is to be done?  I can only wonder what E.B. White and William Strunk, Jr. might be thinking from their graves.  "The Elements of Style" anyone?   

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