Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Ric Couchman


---Hors d'oeuvre---

We play this strange game
In which neither of us looks at the other,
But I caught you stealing a glance at me.

Like brushstrokes on the landscape
A sea of verdant green blooms serene,
While in fitful sleep the dead lie beneath.

Truly great was their loss;
They hung their heads in burdened sadness.
But the soft green will come again.

[Photo Art 1 & 2 by Ric Couchman]
[Photo Art 3 by Adilson Araujo]

---Plat Principal---

She spoke to her that day,
The silence unexpectedly defeated.
Her answer, her voice, the sweet reward.

"I am reading Plato's Dialogues."
That was the answer she gave to the question.
A happy season of love followed.

That summer the sea saw them daily -
What's the difference between thirty-two and eighteen? -
And the boardwalk heard them laugh and speak.

"Let us meet, you and I, at the Brooklyn Museum.
Let us play video games at an arcade on 42nd Street.
And we shall stroll together, hand in hand, in Central Park."

Those lost years of her late-teens?
They were returned to her that summer in the college town
"When Harry [Met] Sally" in Poughkeepsie.

And the season ended abruptly,
And so did that summer of love and raisinettes,
Giving place to a long, cold, and loveless winter.

The sea and boardwalk saw them no more,
Nor heard their infectious laughter,
And she never stopped crying.

 [Photographic Art by Adilson Araujo]

---Patisserie & Dessert---

By Darkness is light consumed,
And in this sea of blackness imprisoned,
Wisdom cries for freedom.

We await your crumbs,
Anticipating their fall to the platform.
The worms, we know no more.

Necessity preys upon innocence,
Destroying her with ruthless impunity,
While silently, the others look on.

Declare your love for me;
Quiet this tumultuous heart of mine.
Break this stone to pieces.

Death plummets down,
Vanquished at the hands of Life;
Birth leaps for joy.

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]
[Note: Photo #3 is part of a mural from Mural Alley in San Francisco]

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