Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The "Person" in the Middle

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In some male-female relationships there is usually a third personality involved.  In fact, in far more of these relationships than you and I can imagine there is this third personality.  And the interesting thing is that these are quite healthy and loving relationships.  The third personality in each of these relationships is usually spoken of in the most endearing terms and is often the subject of pleasant conversation between the male-female pair.  His or her welfare is often lovingly inquired of, and on many occasions the pair often longingly daydreams of him or her.  Now I must ask my LGBT friends to please cut me some slack here, since, being a so-called straight man myself, I can only speak of the male-female connection.  But back to our conversation....  

These third personalities are never called or referred to by their proper or real names.   Their made-up names are usually given to them by the male-female pair.  I guess the purpose of this is to keep things on the level of fantasy.  Of course these third personalities really become important in the male-female couple's sexual relationship.  Okay, before you turn away from reading, I ask that you bear with me a while longer.  You will soon see where I am headed with this.  Now I myself have never personally met another couple's third party (No way in hell would I want to do that), but last year when I was on a cruise with my AP, we met a couple who talked lovingly of their third "person".  They said his name was Mondrongo.  As I said, I have never personally met any of these "third" individuals, obviously pleasurable additions to some couples' experience, but I have heard the mention of some names.  Are you still with me?  Good.

For instance, these third parties in some couples' relationships are given names such as the one mentioned above, Mondrongo.  We might hear of names such as Mr. Happy, Mr. Wilson, Little P, Cyclops, Little Perez, Mr. Boner, Benjie, Mr Woodson, Big Boy, Bonus, My Package, My Property, among others.  The interesting thing I notice about all of these third parties in these couples' (sexual) relationships is that they all have one thing in common - they are all body parts.   If you ask anyone, he or she would tell you that no one anthropomorphizes a nose, a hand, an ear, an eye, a foot, a toe, or a neck.  No one personalizes any of those body parts except one particular body part of the male or one particular body part of the female.  No other human body part is personalized that way or given that honor.  But we do know exactly what our girlfriend or our wife means when she says, "I am going to have my way with Little Perez tonight." or, "How is that rascal, Benjie doing?  Bring him here." or, "Aww, poor, Mr. Happy.  Looks like he could use some attention."  When all is said and done, those third personalities do add some flavor to some relationships.

[Photographic Art by Ric Couchman]

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